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Description: By default XFA based forms are setup to submit XML (XDP data) when a user clicks the submit button. This is a quick and easy recipe for creating a submit button that will send the entire PDF form as an attachment to an email.


  • 1 PDF form created in Adobe LiveCycle Designer

Cooking Instructions:

  1. Open the Form in LiveCycle Designer
  2. Add a button object to the form
  3. Update the caption to something like ‘submit the form’ or ’email the form’
  4. Change the Control type of the button to Submit
  5. Click on the Submit tab and choose PDF for the ‘Submit as’ type
  6. Update the submit URL e.g. mailto:bla@bla.co
  7. Add usage rights to the file. Note: This step is required to get the get this functionality in Adobe Reader. Usage rights can be added using LiveCycle Reader Extensions (or) you can add usage rights in Acrobat 8/9 (Acrobat 8: advanced > Enable usage rights in Adobe Reader; Acrobat 9: advanced > Extend Features in Adobe Reader). Please note: if you use Acrobat to add usage rights to the form, there is a licensing restriction on the number of users and forms. The Acrobat feature is provided for low volume use. Please refer to the Acrobat product license for full details.

Customizing the subject: To specify the subject you can use the standard mailto sytax. e.g. mailto:bla@bla.com?subject=bla.pdf for the submit URL.

Here is a sample file: basicemailsubmit_readerenabled. This file was created in LiveCycle Designer and usage rights were applied in Acrobat Pro.


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Description: This simple application takes a PDF file as input and generates a Reader Extended + Fast Web View file. Currently this is not possible via the Reader Extensions Web UI, so I have created a small application to demonstrate how this can be accomplished with a process. The process utilizes the PDFUtilityService > Set PDF Save Mode activity.


  • 1 PDF file

Collateral – LiveCycle Archive (.lca) and installation instructions: fastwebviewandreaderenabled

Cooking Tips:

  • I have hard-coded the Reader Extensions Credential alias as ‘production’, you will need to update this alias to match your system
  • Try adding a LiveCycle watched folder endpoint if you if you constantly find yourself craving this tasty snack

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