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You can now archive, manage, deliver and process documents using the LiveCycle Content Services solution component. Here is a quick recipe for adding a document to the content repository. As an example we will use a PDF, but this could be any file type. In a typical workflow you might flatten a dynamic form, convert it to PDF/A and archive the document in Content Services.

LiveCycle Version: 8.2.1

Here is a completed example with LCA: archivepdf1


  • One document to archive
  • One storeContent process activity

Cooking Instructions:

  1. Setup a new Space in Content Services
    1. Log into Content Space http://%5Byour server]:[your port]/contentspace
    2. Create a new space
  2. Archive the document in Content Services
    1. Add an input variable of type document to your process
    2. Add the DocumentManagementService:storeContent activity to the process
    3. Configure the storeContent activity
    4. Test the process by invoking it in Workbench. Your document should now appear in the repository. Note: I added the optional aspect ‘Versionable’ to the storeContent so you each time you execute the test you will get a new version of the document in Content Services.





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