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The custom Render service:


Initiate task via Workspace:


Fill and submit form in Workspace:


LiveCycle Version: 8.2.1

Here is a completed example with LCA: displayreaderextendedformws


  • One xdp form template
  • One Reader Extensions Credential
  • One custom Render service

Cooking Instructions:

  1. Add the form to the repository
  2. Workspace enable the form
    1. Open the form (this will launch Designer)
    2. Insert Custom > Process Fields
  3. Create a variable in the main process
    1. Choose new variable of type xfaForm, mark as input
    2. Specify the XFA form template to use ‘basic.xdp’
  4. Create a custom version of the Render service that will apply usage rights to the form
    1. Create a new process
    2. Choose the option to ‘copy an existing process’
    3. Locate the proper Render operation to extend: Process Management > Render PDF Form ES Update 1
    4. Add the ‘Apply Usage Rights’ activity to the end of the Render process
  5. Configure the ‘Apply Usage Rights’ activity
    1. Determine the proper variable to use as the input and output by examining the existing Render service e.g. ‘outFormDoc’
    2. Define the rights you would like to apply e.g. Basic form fill-in
    3. Determine the credential alias by accessing the Administration UI: Settings > Trust Store Management > Local Credentials
    4. Save and Activate the customized Render service
  6. Configure the form variable to use the customized Render service
    1. Select the form variable and go to ‘Advanced Settings’
    2. Specify the customized Render service
    3. Re-configure input variables
    4. Save and Activate the main process
  7. Establish a Task Manager Endpoint
    1. Open administration UI in a web browser and log in
    2. Navigate to Services > Applications and Services > Service Management
    3. Locate the main process using the Filter options
    4. Add a new Task Manager Endpoint
    5. Configure the Task Manger Category
    6. Configure the Operation

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Description: This simple application takes a PDF file as input and generates a Reader Extended + Fast Web View file. Currently this is not possible via the Reader Extensions Web UI, so I have created a small application to demonstrate how this can be accomplished with a process. The process utilizes the PDFUtilityService > Set PDF Save Mode activity.


  • 1 PDF file

Collateral – LiveCycle Archive (.lca) and installation instructions: fastwebviewandreaderenabled

Cooking Tips:

  • I have hard-coded the Reader Extensions Credential alias as ‘production’, you will need to update this alias to match your system
  • Try adding a LiveCycle watched folder endpoint if you if you constantly find yourself craving this tasty snack

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